The Rich and the Dead by Liv Spector: Book Review & Giveaway

The Rich and the Dead

We’re participating in a new book-related giveaway hop, Fool for Books, in honor of April Fools Day. For this hop, we’ve decided to feature The Rich and the Dead by Liv Spector because it’s not just a near future murder mystery but one with a very interesting twist you probably wouldn’t guess about from the […]

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The Accident by Chris Pavone: Who Knew Publishing Could Be So Deadly?

The Accident

Last year we reviewed The Expats by Chris Pavone, which went on to become a huge bestseller and Edgar Award winner. Quite an achievement for a debut novel! It was a no brainer to take a look at The Accident, especially since it also revolves around the publishing industry. Who knew publishing could be so […]

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Cold Mourning by Brenda Chapman: The First Stonechild & Rouleau Case

Cold Mourning

Brenda Chapman’s Cold Mourning is a wonderful Book #1 for a new police procedural/crime series based in Ottawa, Canada. I liked the publisher’s description but I particularly liked the description of the protagonists. I hadn’t read any of Ms. Chapman’s other novels but I knew she was very popular in Canada so it looked a […]

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The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh: Book Review & Giveaway

Crime Story
The Weight of Blood

Some book covers are so mysterious and haunting that they make me very curious. That was the case by Laura McHugh’s debut novel, The Weight of Blood. I kept seeing it and, like the proverbial cat, had to find out what was behind it. When I read the publisher’s brief concept description, I knew it […]

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The Fall of Saints by Wanjiku wa Ngugi: Important Women’s Fiction

Cross Cultural
The Fall of Saints

I’ve read several novels by Kenyan authors and enjoyed them all, so that’s why I was initially drawn to The Fall of Saints by Wanjiku wa Ngugi. Then I read the publisher’s brief description and knew this might be a controversial book to review but one well worth reading. It deals with international adoption, women’s […]

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The Fixer by T.E. Woods: Want Justice? Call the Fixer!

Crime Story
The Fixer

The Fixer by T.E. Woods is Book #1 in the new Justice crime/psychological thriller series, based in the Pacific Northwest. I like finding novels with an unusual take on a genre, and this one seemed to fall into that category so I snagged a copy as soon as I found it. How would you feel […]

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