Throne of Darkness by Douglas Nicholas: King John and Sorcery’s Horror

Cross Cultural
Throne of Darkness

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Boy have I got a series for you! When I finished reading Something Red, Book #1 in the 13th century mythological historical series by Douglas Nicholas, it gave me the chills and had me checking all of my closets for foul magical beasts. Somehow I missed Book #2, […]

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Sisters of Shiloh by Kathy Hepinstall & Becky Hepinstall Hilliker


We’re participating in the Fool for Books Giveaway Hop in honor of April Fool’s Day. It seems only fitting that we feature a novel for that giveaway that pulls the wool over on someone, doncha think? Well, the sisters in Sisters of Shiloh pulled the wool over the eyes of everyone in the Confederate Army. […]

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The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M.J. Rose: A Possessed Gothic Thriller

Cross Cultural
The Witch of Painted Sorrows

I’ve loved bestselling author M.J. Rose’s historical series as well as her stand-alone novels, so it’s no surprise that I jumped on The Witch of Painted Sorrows when I learned it was being published. This is a stand-alone novel with only a brief reference to the Paris L’Etoile family of perfumers who feature in her […]

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A Touch of Stardust by Kate Alcott: Glimpse of Hollywood’s Golden Age

A Touch of Stardust

I grew up listening to my mother talk about the Golden Age of Hollywood, a time when people all over the U.S. were suffering in the Great Depression and needed the lift they got from their version of royalty anyone could aspire to become, Hollywood stars. All that glitz and glamour gave them hope their […]

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Doctor Death by Lene Kaaberbol: Nail-Biting Gothic Historical Thriller

Cross Cultural
Doctor Death

Although bestselling and multi-award-winning author Lene Kaaberbol is quite a prolific author, you may know her best as the co-author of the highly acclaimed novel The Boy in the Suitcase. When I saw that she had written Book #1 in a new historical mystery series, Doctor Death, I knew I was going to be in […]

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Dragons at Crumbling Castle: and Other Tales by Terry Pratchett

Dragons at Crumbling Castle

Today is Tell a Fairy Tale Day – how appropriate for a review of and giveaway for a collection of fun tales like these! I’ve read every novel by bestselling, multi-award-winning, and much beloved fantasy author Terry Pratchett that has been published in the U.S. for adults, young adults, or for children. You might call […]

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