The Escape by David Baldacci: Thriller Review, Interview & Giveaway

The Escape

It’s always a pleasure to read one of bestselling author David Baldacci’s novels and that’s true of his latest John Puller novel, The Escape. I know I can count on Mr. Baldacci to bring me a complex, well-researched fast-paced thriller with characters whose brains I’d love to pick over dinner some night. Did I mention […]

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The Beautiful And The Wicked by Liv Spector: Mystery Review & Giveaway

Crime Story
The Beautiful And The Wicked

Last year I was approached about reading and potentially reviewing a contemporary detective novel that involved time travel. I like both kinds of novels but this one didn’t sound like a fantasy genre novel, aside from that pesky time travel thingy. The end of this little tale is that I loved Liv Spector’s novel, The […]

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The Betrayers by David Bezmozgis: Book Review & Giveaway

Cross Cultural
The Betrayers

David Bezmozgis is a multi-award-winning Canadian author and filmmaker who has taken to heart the advice given writers, i.e., to write what you know. For him, this means writing stories honoring his Eastern European Jewish roots. His latest novel, The Betrayers, is extremely timely because of the situation in the Ukraine and Crimea right now […]

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The Three by Sarah Lotz: Four Planes Crash & Three Children Survive

The Three

Do you know South African screenwriter and author Sarah Lotz’ work? You might without even knowing it since she has a penchant for writing under a variety of pseudonyms including S.L. Grey, Lily Herne, and Helena S. Paige. The Three is, thankfully, written under her own name. It’s a conspiracy and psychological thriller with apocalyptic […]

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Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs: Black Friday Meets Urban Myth

Frost Burned

I’m a big fan of Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, so I snapped up her bestselling novel Frost Burned as soon as I had a break in my normal review schedule. Gotta get my shape shifter fix. If you’re into urban paranormal fantasy fiction and haven’t read any of the Mercy Thompson series, you’re in […]

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Insurgent by Veronica Roth: One Choice Can Transform or Destroy You


Last week we reviewed Divergent, Book #1 in the bestselling trilogy by Veronica Roth. There’s a link at the end of this review to that review for those of you who missed it. As soon as I finished reading it, I immediately began reading Insurgent, Book #2. I guess one good thing about being the […]

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