The Ambassador’s Wife by Jennifer Steil: Love & Terror in the Middle East

The Ambassador's Wife

There were a couple of things that grabbed me immediately when I saw the publisher’s description of The Ambassador’s Wife by Jennifer Steil. The first was that Jennifer actually is an ambassador’s wife, so I thought it would be very interesting to read a novel by someone who had lived that life. The second was […]

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The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell: Do All Families Have Secrets?

Cross Cultural
The House We Grew Up In

Lisa Jewell is an internationally bestselling author well-known for her chick lit novels In the UK and Europe. The House We Grew Up In could be called women’s fiction, although it has a much broader message, but I don’t believe it’s chick lit. It’s the story of our families and how they shape us, not […]

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Aunty Lee’s Delights by Ovidia Yu: Book Review & Giveaway

Crime Story
aunty lee's delights

I love reading novels about other cultures and Singapore has fascinated me ever since some friends told me what it was like to travel there. Aunty Lee’s Delights: a Singaporean Mystery is by award-winning Singapore author and playwright Ovidia Yu. This is the first time it’s been published in the U.S. but Yu’s mysteries and […]

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Parlor Games by Maryka Biaggio: Con Woman or Smart Cookie?

Parlor Games

I’m always interesting in how women navigated the world during times when they had no apparent power. When I saw Parlor Games, a debut novel by Maryka Biaggio, I was intrigued. Here was a woman on trial in 1917 for being a con woman. Was she or was there a double standard in place? I […]

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The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman: Book Review & Giveaway

The Midwife of Hope River

You know by now that I can’t resist a good novel about the Appalachian Mountains area, so I could hardly wait to snap up The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman. Patricia Harman is a midwife, so I had my fingers crossed that would lend this novel more authenticity. If you like historical fiction […]

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City of Women by David R. Gillham: Book Review & Giveaway

Cross Cultural
City of Women

When I saw the book cover and title for City of Women by David R. Gillham, I was intrigued. When I read the publisher’s brief description for it, I knew I had to find a copy. I’ve read a lot of novels about World War II, most of which center around men who went to […]

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