A Penny For The Hangman by Tom Savage: Want a Chilling Thriller?

A Penny For The Hangman

I love discovering new-to-me authors and bestselling author Tom Savage is one of those. I don’t know why I haven’t found this author before but I’m glad I’ve corrected that oversight. His latest thriller is A Penny For The Hangman, which is set in the Virgin Islands where he grew up. If you like fast-paced […]

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The Hawley Book of the Dead by Chrysler Szarlan: Review & Giveaway

The Hawley Book of the Dead

Sometimes it’s hard to switch gears to scout for scary books for October during the hot summer months, but I was instantly drawn to the book cover for The Hawley Book of the Dead by Chrysler Szarlan. When I read the publisher’s description, I was hooked. And then I read it; all I can say […]

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Ryder by Nick Pengelley: Book #1 in a New Political Thriller Series

Crime Story

Canadian author Nick Pengelley has a legal background and a love of political intrigue, and his work as a Middle Eastern consultant and analyst lends weight to his writing. That expertise really shows in Ryder, Book #1 of the new Ayesha Ryder series. This fast-paced crime/political thriller not only is timely for today’s Israeli-Palestinian conflicts […]

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Rose Gold by Walter Mosley: Easy Rawlins & Black Power Revolutionaries

Crime Story
Rose Gold

I have been a Walter Mosley and Easy Rawlins fan since reading Mosley’s first novel shortly after it was published. He wasn’t the first author to set crime and mystery novels in vintage Los Angeles but he’s definitely one of the best at it. He makes the entire city come alive in his novels, and […]

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The Last Breath by Kimberly Belle: Will the Truth Lead to Forgiveness?

Crime Story
The Last Breath

What does it mean to truly forgive someone? What price do we pay for holding onto old hurts and wounds? In her debut novel, The Last Breath, Kimberly Belle looks at the pain families go through when something happens that tears them apart and whether it’s ever possible to heal old rifts. Why is it […]

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The Sweetness by Sande Boritz Berger: With The Bitter Comes The Sweet

Cross Cultural
The Sweetness

Maybe it’s my need to make sense out of man’s inhumanity to man that keeps drawing me back to novels about the World War II era, and it’s probably much more complicated than that. The child on the book cover for Sande Boritz Berger’s The Sweetness drew me in. When I read the publisher’s description, […]

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