Review of LieSmith by Alis Franklin: Book #1 of the Wyrd

Cross Cultural

I love reading novels about other cultures so when I saw that LieSmith by Alis Franklin not only took place in Australia but contained mythopoeic fantasy, a dash of dot-com, and bits of horror, I couldn’t resist it for a Halloween month read. Maybe I was just in an oddball kind of mood that day. […]

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The Hawley Book of the Dead by Chrysler Szarlan: Review & Giveaway

The Hawley Book of the Dead

Sometimes it’s hard to switch gears to scout for scary books for October during the hot summer months, but I was instantly drawn to the book cover for The Hawley Book of the Dead by Chrysler Szarlan. When I read the publisher’s description, I was hooked. And then I read it; all I can say […]

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Inamorata by Megan Chance: What Price Fame, Fortune, and Immortality?

Fantasy & Supernatural

I was drawn to award-winning author Megan Chance’s newest novel, Inamorata, by its title but also by its book cover with its sepia-toned depiction of Venice. When I read the publisher’s brief description, I knew I wanted to read it. Inamorata is historical fiction filled with intrigue, mystery, the paranormal, and a bit of horror. […]

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The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg: A Dark & Whimsical Tale

Fantasy & Supernatural
The Paper Magician

Charlie Holmberg’s sense of humor shines through when she describes her path to a published novel on her web site and that same snarky sense of humor along with an almost childlike wonder tickles the edges of the pages in her debut novel, The Paper Magician. I picked this novel as an Amazon Prime member […]

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The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley: Book #1 in The Worldbreaker Saga

Fantasy & Supernatural
The Mirror Empire

I often choose novels months ahead of their publication date, so I never know which novel will become a bestseller or award winner. I choose them based on a number of factors but basically they call out to me with little “read me” siren songs. The Mirror Empire was such a novel. It’s Book #1 […]

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The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter by Rod Duncan: Steampunk and Luddites

Crime Story
The Bullet Catcher's Daughter

Rod Duncan is probably best known for his crime novels so when he decided to write a steampunk novel, it’s only natural that it became a mystery as well. The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter is Book #1 in his new duology titled The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire. Are you familiar with the Luddites? What if […]

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