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Teen Reading on the Beach

I know I haven’t even begun to cover all of the great young adult novels coming out this summer. Please comment about any novels you think would make good additions!

I’ve said it before, and you really don’t have to be a teen to love young adult fiction. It’s amazing!

Also, all of these books can be read out of sequence if they’re part of a series – and then you can go back to read the others if you like that series. If you have problems finding an early book in a series at the Amazon link provided, click on Powell’s Books. They’re a great resource for out-of-print gently used books.

Bite Club by Rachel Caine, #10 in The Morganville Vampires series. Just published on May 3, 2011. One you can read now! Claire Danvers, a college student who came to Morganville not knowing it was populated by vampires or that she wouldn’t be allowed to leave, is once again in the middle of a vampires vs. humans controvery. This time someone is trying to stir things up by literally pitting them against each other in fight clubs. Everyone I know who’s read The Morganville Vampires loves this series. I’ve downloaded this one onto my Kindle and really look forward to reading it!

Temptedby PC Cast & Kristin Cast, in The House of Night series. Available now (May 10, 2011) so you can start your summer reading early! I think this is the 9th or 10th book in the series. As high priestess in training, Zoey Redbird is one of the good vampires at this school for vampires and the direct descendent of the woman who trapped Kalona. She’s been through a lot in this action-packed series but we all know her journey is just beginning. I’m looking forward to a lot more episodes to come!

Nyx in the House of Night edited by PC Cast & Kristin Cast. Due out on June 7, 2011 but available now for pre-order. This is a companion book to The House of Night series, with contributions by leading YA authors. It’s a great way to find new YA authors you’ll love! It’s also designed to guide readers through the influences behind the series, which I’m looking forward to. It should make for very interesting reading.

Dragon’s Oath by PC Cast & Kristen Cast, a NEW YA series by The House of Night mother-daughter duo. Due out on July 12, 2011 but available for pre-order now. I’ve loved The House of Night series and am really looking forward to reading this new series. WooHoo!

Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep, Book #1 in The Mythos Academy series. Due out on July 26, 2011 but available for pre-order now. This is Jennifer’s first YA series. I’ve loved her other series, and this one looks like a winner to me. Per Jennifer’s web site: “Mythos Academy is a school of myths, magic and warrior wiz kids…” where freaky stuff goes on all the time. When mean girl Jasmine is murdered, Gwen Frost is determined to find the killer who meant her to be the target instead of Jasmine.

Theodore Boone:The Abduction by John Grisham, Book #2 in the Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer suspense series. Due out on June 6, 2011 but available for pre-order now. In Abduction, Theodore’s best friend, April, disappears from her bedroom and he realizes his investigative abilities may be her only hope when police run into a dead end. Although the Theodore Book: Kid Lawyer series was written more for a tween audience, Grisham’s novels are so well written and so suspenseful that I think his audience extends well beyond that age group. You don’t have to have read the first book to enjoy this one.

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, Book #4 in the Inheritance Cycle series. Something to look forward to in the late Fall – due out on November 8, 2011 but available for pre-order now. Eragon – Dragons – Need I say more? I know, it’s not a summer read but we’ve all been waiting so long for this fourth novel that I couldn’t resist putting it in here.

Divergent by Veronica Roth, Book #1 in the Divergent thriller series. This debut novel came out on May 3, 2011, so it’s available to you now. Beatrice Pryor is a 16 year old faced with the choice of staying with her family or being who she really is. In her world, on the appointed day, every 16 year old has to choose which of 5 virtue factions in society that he or she will belong to for the rest of their lives. And Beatrice has a secret she can’t reveal. This looks like a very promising series!

If you don’t see anything that looks like your kind of book, check our SciFi/Fantasy Summer Reads if you like that kind of book. If not, then check our Summer Reading Recommendations overview because we’ve got recommendations coming this week for almost every kind of fiction, so there’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy!

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