The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale: A Fun Steampunk Novella

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The Twisted Tale of Stormy GaleAs you probably know by now, I love steampunk! When I got the opportunity to read and review The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale, a new steampunk romance novella by Christine Bell, I jumped on it!

Stormy Gale and her brother, Bacon, are time pirates. They travel through time, righting wrongs and robbing from the rich to give to the poor. Stormy was born in 1810. She and her six-year-old brother were living on the streets of London in 1823 when a kind scientist informally adopted them and took them through time to live with him in the 21st century. There he taught them how to time travel, the perils of messing with events and people in other times, and how to use this extraordinary invention for the good of mankind.

“Every time we travel forward or back, something changes. Even with the risk index module we use to measure how much impact each trip could potentially have, nothing is guaranteed. And still, governments would kill for it, hoping to undermine other governments. Grief stricken people would riot for it, hoping to undo tragedy and awaken the dead. None of them would care or understand the ramifications of their actions.”

Bacon was conned out of his TTM (time travel mechanism) in a card game by Devlin, the handsome Duke of Leister, also known as the Looney Duke. So Stormy and Bacon have to return to 1836 to retrieve it. Having that TTM in the wrong hands could be catastrophic for the world. They’re hoping Devlin only thinks it’s a unique looking timepiece; however, he is a scientist, so he might have the means to replicate it and figure out how to use it. They are prepared to do anything to get it back and at times during their adventure, it appears Stormy may have to do things she really wasn’t prepared for. She was, however, prepared to masquerade as a Romanian gypsy fortune teller.

“Of all the gypsy joints in the world, the guy who speaks Romanian walks into mine. Some fortune-teller I was – I never saw that coming. But rounding out a close second was the effect that husky voice coming out of that sensuous mouth seemed to have on me.”

The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale may be a novella but it packs a lot of plot into such a short book. The characters are all very well drawn, and I found myself swept up in their adventure very quickly. Stormy has a snarky sense of humor, which cracked me up. There are some laugh-out-loud scenes between Stormy and Devlin, and between Stormy and Bacon. It’s a bawdy tale to be sure, and a very fun one right up to the end. I think this will appeal as much to fans of time travel adventure or romance as to steampunk fans.

The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale is only available as an e-book but that’s not a problem. See below how to get a copy for your device or to read on your computer.

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