Shattered Dreams: Book 1 in the new YA Midnight Dragonfly Series

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The phrase Midnight Dragonfly being used for a new series had such potential that I couldn’t resist when I saw the publisher had a digital advance reader’s copy available. As Book #1 in Ellie James’ new YA Midnight Dragonfly series, Shattered Dreams combines magic, mystery, psychic visions and much more. It’s a compelling read that should appeal to people of all ages.

At age 16, Trinity Monsour was pretty happy living with her grandmother in Colorado – well, as happy as she could be without her parents. Not much she could do about that though. Since they died when she was very small, her grandmother was everything to her. Trinity knows almost nothing about her parents.

And now her grandmother has passed away, and Trinity has to move to post-Katrina New Orleans to live with her Aunt Sara. On top of everything else, Trinity has a secret her grandmother told her to never reveal to anyone – she sees things. To be more accurate, she has visions and they always come true. She’s tried to stop them from happening but nothing she’s done has seemed to change things. It’s enough to give anyone nightmares. She just wishes they’d go away. Is it any wonder Trinity is nervous about moving to a new place?

“Nonsense, Gran had told me the first time she’d found me frozen by that horrible, invisible lightning…Shaken, I’d buried myself in her arms and clung to her, held on as tightly as I could…I missed having someone to hold onto. Aunt Sara was awesome, but it wasn’t the same. She wasn’t the same. She didn’t know. She couldn’t. Gran had made me promise to never speak of what I saw.”

It’s hard enough adjusting to a new school but when one of the cutest guys in school, Chase, is your chemistry partner and just seeing the two of you together makes his girlfriend, head cheerleader Jessica, livid – well, you get the picture. Although she’s begun making friends, Trinity is not having an easy time of it. Jessica and her best friend, Amber, refuse to believe Trinity when she tells them there’s nothing between Chase and her but friendship.

On a dare Trinity joins Chase, Jessica, Jessica’s younger sister Bethany and several other classmates at an abandoned New Orleans Garden District mansion that’s rumored to be haunted. Trinity begins having second thoughts before she even enters the house. She feels horrible freezing breezes and sees a girl dead or unconscious on a mattress in one of the rooms. Going inside takes all the strength she has, and the sensations only get worse. The hair is standing up on the back of her neck and she’s sure something horrible is going to happen if they don’t leave.

“No, I told myself. No! Not now. Not here! Not in front of these people…The last time I’d felt the icy veil – I stopped the thought, knowing I couldn’t just stand there like an idiot in a trance. No one else heard the buzz. No one else felt like they stood in a freezer…No one else was shivering. Only me. And only on the inside.”

Then as everyone is rushing to leave, Jessica and Amber play a nasty prank on her, trapping her inside of a hidden closet. Despite all of her attempts, she can’t get out of the suffocating darkness. It would have been cruel to do to anyone but they are clueless about just how traumatizing it is for someone like Trinity. Thankfully Pitre releases her after he hears her scream.

A few days later Jessica disappears. No one has a clue what’s happened to her but Trinity is under immediate suspicion because of the way Jessica treated her, and because Trinity reluctantly reveals the vision she had of the old house when she realizes it was Jessica she saw on the mattress. If she’s going to help find Jessica and clear her name, Trinity is going to have to learn more about who she is and who her parents were. She’s also going to have to accept her visions. She doesn’t even know where to begin.

Shattered Dreams is a classic coming of age story combined with the twists and turns of a thriller. Finding a way to accept the things that make us different and special is a tough thing for most of us to do. It’s even harder when those qualities are treated with superstition and suspicion by the rest of the world. I was spellbound from the beginning and read Shattered Dreams in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this series! Whether you’re a young adult or an older adult, I think you’ll be able to relate to this story.

Shattered Dreams was released on December 6, 2011, so it should be available at your favorite bookseller below. Just click on the button to go there to get it. Logo - 88 x 31iTunes, App Store and Mac App StoreBuy This Book from Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide

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