Luck of the Devil: A Whimsical Tale That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

by Mk

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Luck of the DevilI don’t know about you but I’m drawn to certain book covers, and a lot of times that’s what leads me to look much closer at a novel as a possible read. I was browsing through a publisher’s offerings for reviewers when I spotted the book cover for Patricia Eimer’s debut novel, Luck of the Devil.

I had been reading a lot of dark dramas so I was in the mood for an irreverent and funny read, and the Luck of the Devil book cover looked like it would fit the bill very nicely. When I read the publisher’s blurb, I knew I had to give it a try. Let’s just say I laughed out loud all the way through this hilariously funny novel. Someone who is extremely by-the-book religious may not be thrilled with this novel but the rest of you are going to love it!

What’s a half demon woman to do when the Devil is her father, God is her uncle and JC is her cousin? How can you get away with anything when it seems like someone in the family is going to know your every move? Poor Faith Bettincourt is that young woman with the wings, tail and horns to prove it – retractable of course. I mean how could she ever go out in public with all those startling appendages showing, much less hold a job! It’s hard enough not feeling like you fit into the human world without scaring humans to death at the same time.

“Some days I wondered why I bothered keeping a human job. Oh, right. I was an adult who didn’t want any involvement in Dad’s evil schemes. I was capable of being a productive member of society, rather than leeching off the human race like some overgrown demonic tick. And I had bills to pay. Crap.”

Faith and her ditzy roommate, Lisa, work as nurses. Having worked in a hospital, I happen to believe nurses may have one of the toughest jobs on the planet. That they maintain such calm and poise in the face of horrendous stress has always amazed me. That a half demon would choose nursing as a profession for honorable reasons brought a bit of depth to Faith’s character that I didn’t expect.

“I’d done a twelve-hour shift as charge nurse on the pediatric ICU and I was too tired for this shit tonight. All I really wanted was a cold beer and some mindless television.”

Despite her determination to help mankind, Faith is starting to get burned out and has been looking forward to her staycation for a very long time. She plans to do absolutely nothing but veg out and watch old movies for a week in the peacefulness of her apartment. Of course that’s not going to happen because her family decides it’s a great time to come visit – oh happy day – NOT!

Faith’s family is every bit as dysfunctional as any “normal” family. She’s the youngest so she’s gotten away with a lot the other two haven’t, leading to a lot of sibling jealousy that no one has outgrown. Her older sister, Hope, is way too controlling and manipulative. Hope’s marriage is in trouble and she’s just failed a very important assignment from dad. Faith’s half-brother, Tolliver, is an incubus with the hots for Lisa, who he’s just turned into a succubus against all rules and without his dad’s approval, I might add.

“Lisa hadn’t been a bad roommate before the whole Turning into a Succubus thing. In three years, she’d never been late on the rent, she’d always kept her parts of the apartment clean, and we’d never had one of those awkward moments where you accidentally walk in on a hookup from the night before, in his birthday suit rooting through the fridge. Everything was great until my half-brother decided to turn her into a wild, lust-driven succubus with no self-control.”

Faith’s ditzy human mom is so adept at living in the land of denial about her on-again, off-again relationship with the Devil that she should own a patent on denial. The Devil is hysterically funny as a bumbling, clueless dad whose bark is sometimes much worse than his bite. And then there’s the hot new tenant, Matt, to whom Faith has just rented the apartment next door to hers.

“’Sounds like the guy next door dropped a body. Better hurry outside and pant over him.’ Malachi said. I raced to the front door. So what if I’d had a crush on my neighbor Matt, since he’d moved in six months ago? Except for some awkward flirting, he barely acknowledged my existence, which was probably a good thing. Human-demon relationships never ended well. I knew from experience.”

I’m assuming/hoping this is Book #1 of a series. If so, then it steps away from the crowd by not loading you down with exposition. Hooray! It just drops you right into the storyline and you’re off on a fast, fun-filled rollercoaster ride full of this zany family, the crazy lives they live and the convoluted situations they get into. Luck of the Devil makes for a great summer read, and who cares if people stare because you’re laughing your head off with almost every page turn?

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