Having True Blood Withdrawal Pains? Read the Latest Sookie Novel!

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A great way to help ease the withdrawal pains until True Blood starts again is by reading Charlaine Harris’ just released Dead Reckoning. This is the 11th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and I have been a huge fan since the first book was published in 2001.

The people I know who weren’t familiar with Sookie until True Blood hit the HBO airwaves have gone back and read the Sookie novels from the very first one, Dead Until Dark. If you aren’t one of those people, I should caution you that the True Blood TV series lags behind the books, so don’t expect Dead Reckoning to pick up where the last season of True Blood left off. A few characters, like Tara for example, differ quite a bit from the way the books portray them. That said, any fan of True Blood will feel right at home with any of the Sookie books.

One important thing is the same in both the TV series and the novels, life around Sookie is one big drama fast on the heels of another. Maybe that’s one of the things bothering a few readers, it’s now Book #11 and Sookie never seems to catch even a minute’s break – it’s a lot like The Perils of Pauline in every novel. Even the strongest woman needs a few minutes of peace and downtime before the next catastrophe hits if she isn’t going to implode at some point. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Sookie handle the remarkable situations she gets tossed into and I completely enjoyed reading Dead Reckoning. This series is still a fun supernatural rollercoaster ride!

Just so you know where things stand when Dead Reckoning begins – Victor is still bent on his sneaky plans to make Eric’s legendary temper explode so he has a legitimate reason to take Eric out. Payback can be a real bitch. Sookie and Eric are still bonded, Bill is still recovering from his very close call with permanent death, Hunter is still keeping his telepathy a secret, Claude and Dermit are still living with Sookie, and Tara is still pregnant with twins. Jason, oh, I left out Jason. I don’t know anything more about what’s going on with Jason since Dead in the Family was published, because he doesn’t appear in Dead Reckoning, not even to say “Hi.” How rude of him! Unfortunately for our Ms. Sookie, her boss Sam has hit a rough patch thanks to a roadhouse that’s opened just down the road from Merlotte’s. There’s some potential pay-back headed Sookie’s way from an unanticipated direction. Things are coming to a head, as it were, with Victor and his nasty plotting, which she, Eric and Pam have had it up to here with. Sookie is definitely having some very uncharitable thoughts about Victor. Her cousin Claude and great-uncle Dermit are up to who knows what kind of mischief at Claude’s strip club and, just to add to her stress load, she’s giving Tara a baby shower in two days.

Am I going to tell you any more? Hell no! I’m not spoiling the fun. I can’t even find a decent quote that wouldn’t tell you too much, which is too bad since I’ve got tons of quote notes.

Oh, I will tell you just two things: 1) Bubba is back; and 2) Sookie learns how she became telepathic. I’m a Bubba fan, and was happy to see him return. If you don’t know who Bubba is, you’re in for a treat! And Sookie learning where her telepathy came from is a huge thing you won’t want to miss discovering. I didn’t see that one coming and neither did she.

As for the rest – well, you’re just going to have to read to find out what Sookie learns about her grandmother and grandfather, the gift she receives, who the enemy is who’s after her blood, whether Sam can save Merlotte’s, what happens to Sookie’s blood bond and relationship with Eric, what happens to Pam’s lover, what sneaky things Victor does to Eric and whether they work, what sneaky thing Sookie plots with Eric and Pam to do to Victor and whether it works, who survives and who doesn’t, whether Bill is healed yet, what the hell Claude and Dermit are up to, and whether Tara even gets her baby shower. And all of this happens in just two days. Whew, I’m exhausted just listing all of that!

Have a great time reading Dead Reckoning! It’s another real page-turner! To purchase this book, just click on the book cover or the title link above. Please note: If you use our links when you purchase your books, it helps to fund this web site and we really appreciate that!

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