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We’re participating in the Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop. When I saw the cover for Beach Colors by Shelley Noble, it made me think of the beach we visited every year when I was growing up. Since I was looking for good beach reads, what better than a novel about the beach, right? Shelley Noble is actually a pseudonym for Shelley Freydont, who has written a number of very popular mysteries. Beach Colors is not a mystery. It’s classified as women’s fiction instead. One lucky reader will win an advance readers’ copy (ARC) for their bookshelf!

From the time she was a small child Margaux Sullivan always wanted to be only one thing, a famous fashion designer. She worked very hard to rise in the cut-throat fashion industry and finally made it, with her own atelier and a collection everyone who mattered said would be the crown of Fashion Week. Margaux was on top of the world, exhausted but exhilarated.

There was only one problem. While she was busting her butt to get her collection on the runway, he husband was busy cleaning out their banking account and disappearing off the face of the earth. He took her for everything she had – literally – and she had no clue it was happening until it was too late. Now the bank is repossessing everything, even her designs for future collections, everything in her atelier has been stripped to the walls and floor. She has no place to live, no career left, and nothing but the clothes on her back.

“All she had left was her car and her reputation. The car was paid for, but her reputation wouldn’t be worth a two-martini lunch once the news got out that M Atelier had gone belly up.
Margaux felt her chin quiver. Not now. She had one more thing to do before she broke down and howled at the moon.”

Humiliated beyond belief, she has no alternative but to leave Manhattan and crawl back to her family’s summer house in Crescent Cove, a small town on Cape Cod. At least she’ll have a roof over her head and a chance to lick her wounds. Truthfully she’s still in shock over the whole thing, is hugely depressed and basically thinks her life is over.

To make matters even worse, she gets a speeding ticket on her way into town from the police chief. What else is going to go wrong? It isn’t until later that she realizes he’s Nick Prescott, the townie boy she had a huge crush on when she was a teenager.

“He didn’t want to give her a ticket. Not with the way she was biting on her bottom lip. His heart was pounding and the sun beating down on his neck felt like a third-degree burn. He wanted to take her hand and tell her that whatever was making her look so unhappy would go away. He would make it go away. But he didn’t. She’d been speeding, not five miles over, but twenty-five over. Ignorance was no excuse.”

When Margaux was growing up, she and two of her friends formed a sisterhood at the beach. They made pledges and swore to always be there for each other, buried their diaries in a secret cave, and then they grew up and went their separate ways. Running into them again is almost like old times, although Margaux is horribly embarrassed for them to know what’s happened to her. Even though they’ve all changed in a lot of ways, underneath they find they’re still the giggling summer girls who used to watch the townie boys and write secrets in their diaries.

As Margaux adjusts to the slower pace of the beach and begins to revel in its peacefulness, her depression slowly begins to lift and her creativity is reawakened in ways she hasn’t experienced in years. Still she’s very gun shy about her career and about men. Does she even have the energy to make that Manhattan climb to fame again? Can she trust any man ever again?

When we meet her, Margaux is so driven that it’s like she has blinders on. She can’t see anything except the path she carved out for herself long ago. She can’t even see the world outside of her narrow tunnel vision, so as far as she’s concerned the entire world has been torn apart. That isn’t to trivialize what was done to her because it was catastrophic.

“The kid thought she was in mourning…She opened her closet door. Her city clothes were lined up neatly across the rack. She was looking at black, black slacks, black shirts, black dresses, black…All black.
The kid had nailed it, she looked like a bird of prey.”

The characters in Crescent Cove are wonderful. They are perfect small town, beach characters and some of them really cracked me up. I can’t really tell you about Margaux’ interactions with them without giving away spoilers but they were priceless. Well, one spoiler: Margaux still has a crush on Nick, who’s grown up to be one very hot guy.

Shelley Noble has crafted a timely story that is all about redemption and second chances, for Margaux but also for her childhood girlfriends and for Nick. So many people are going through unexpected hard times right now, and this story could happen to anyone. I really enjoyed Beach Colors, and read it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. It’s the perfect summer beach/vacation read and one reader will win a copy of their very own!

Can’t wait to read it?

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Ruth Hill June 20, 2012 at 5:52 pm

This book does sound rather intriguing. The cover itself looks pretty awesome.


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