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When I saw the publishers’ descriptions for both books in today’s giveaway, I literally laughed out loud. Apparently my funny bone needed some exercise because I could hardly wait to get both of them to add levity to my life…and they did not disappoint in that category. I’m sure neighbors walking past the house worried that I had completely lost my mind as I let loose a series of raucous belly laughs.

Are You Dissing Me?: What Animals Really Think by Simon Winheld is a picture book but it’s intended for adults. What could be more ironic than wild animals, many from “third” world countries, anxious about “first” world issues. It really shows just how silly most of those are to anyone looking at them from the outside. The Tapper Twins Go To War (with each other) by Emmy-nominated screenwriter and author Geoff Rodkey is Book #1 in a hilarious new middle grade series, which anyone with siblings in the 21st century’s digital age can relate to all too well. And someone is going to win both of these wacky, wonderful books so be sure to enter our giveaway!

Because these books are so different, this review is going to be different too. Just a heads up…

Are You Dissing Me?

Are You Dissing Me? explores modern anxieties, frustrations, and those odd issues we all experience every day as adult humans…and this book is definitely meant for adults. As the back cover says, “Animals are people too.” From roommate problems to oversharing on Facebook (and we’re all guilty of that one) to various personal and career crises, you’ll love the beautifully rendered illustrations while you laugh until you cry and possibly squirm a bit at the banality of some animals’ inner thoughts. I think Are You Dissing Me? is probably best illustrated by actually showing you a page spread or two from the book (no pun intended).

What am I doing with my life?

page from Are You Dissing Me?

The Tapper Twins Go To War

The Tapper Twins Go To War is Book #1 of what promises to be an awesome middle-grade series. Claudia and Reese Tapper are twelve-year-old fraternal twins who are very different people. Any tween with siblings will be able to relate to these guys, and any adult who had siblings will be very thankful their sibling squabbles didn’t play out during the digital age. Yes, I predict you’re going to enjoy this one just as much as your favorite middle-grade reader will. After all, sibling pranks didn’t just begin with the digital age even though that additional worldwide venue may have upped the ante and consequences quite a bit.

In The Tapper Twins Go To War, Claudia documents everything that happened with text, cartoons, photos, and screenshots – including every detail of her side of what happened. It quickly becomes clear that this ever-escalating series of skirmishes would make any general proud. And, of course, Reese has to rebut most of what she has to say. This novel is hilarious but it also says a lot about family dynamics, including just how clueless parents can be about what’s going on even when they think they’re really involved in their children’s lives. As with Are You Dissing Me?, I think this novel is best illustrated through a prologue quote and a couple of pages spreads.

Wars are terrible things. I know this because I’ve read about a lot of them on Wikipedia.
And also because I was just in one. It was me against my brother, Reese.
That might not sound like a war to you. Trust me, it was. In fact, it was a lot like other famous wars I’ve read about on Wikipedia.
Just like World War II, it involved a sneak attack on a peaceful people who never saw it coming (me).”

page from The Tapper Twins Go To War

Page from The Tapper Twins Go To War

I loved both of these books equally, if for different reasons. Are You Dissing Me? is a great piece of perspective about just how silly a lot of the issues we stress over really are in the grand scheme of things. And I fell in love with the beautifully done artwork. I fell in love with The Tapper Twins Go To War too. It took me right back to the squabbles my brother and I had growing up, and I laughed while I cringed at this almost slapstick contest of wits. I’m so thankful my brother was six years younger. I’d have been in deep trouble if he’d been my twin because he’s always been a strategy wiz while I live more in the moment. And I’m really thankful we didn’t fight our battles online – OMG the consequences of that are just too horrifying to even consider. Can you imagine being 50 years old and having someone find something snarky you posted online when you were twelve? Yikes!

Can’t wait to read one or both of these books?

Are You Dissing Me? was published on March 10, 2015 and The Tapper Twins Go To War was published on April 7, 2015, so both are available from your favorite online bookseller. Because of the format involved with both books, I strongly suggest getting them in the print version unless you’re using a tablet as your e-reader.

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