A Dixie Christmas: Fun, Sexy, Southern Holiday Short Stories

by Mk

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When I was looking for holiday stories, romances of one kind or another were the bulk of what I found. The book cover for A Dixie Christmas by bestselling author Sandra Hill was so whimsical that I couldn’t resist. This is a collection of two funny, sexy, Southern Christmas short stories that seem more like novellas. During a season that has us all scurrying around like crazy, it’s nice to pick up something you know is going to be quick enough to read when you need a break from baking cookies and wrapping presents.

Story #1 is Blue Christmas and has an Elvis theme running through it. When Clayton Jessup III’s father passes away, he inherits a Memphis hotel. Since he lives in New Jersey, he has no interest in keeping it so he flies to Memphis to assess the kitschy Elvis-themed Blue Suede Suites in preparation for selling it as quickly as possible. His plan is to be back in New Jersey by Christmas. When he hurries into the lot beside the hotel to get rid of a family of Elvis (and Priscilla) impersonators who’ve erected a manager scene to panhandle for money, he slips on some sheep poop and – well, you know what they say about best laid plans.

“’I do not have children,’ Clay gritted out.
‘Aaahh, that’s too bad. Some folks think the spirit of Elvis lives in this hotel. Seen ‘em myself a time or two. Maybe if you pray to the Elvis spirit, he’ll intercede with the Good Lord to rev up your sperm count. Or if the problem is with the little lady, you could…uh, why is your face turnin’ purple?’ [said the bellhop.]
‘I do not have children. I am not married. Mind your own damn business.’”

Story #2 is Jinx Christmas and has a NASCAR theme running through it. NASCAR star Lance Caslow let fame go to his head and did some things that destroyed his marriage to Brenda. Their daughter Patti has never given up on trying to get them back together. Lance would like nothing better but Brenda’s heart is broken and she refuses to have anything to do with him. Lance is so desperate that he goes to a Louisiana Cajun woman who’s known for successfully fixing things like this. But is he willing to do the seemingly ridiculous thing she recommends?

“She saw the look of grief on his face, this man that she knew so well. But he had hurt her so badly. Over and over. His celebrity had become more important than her. And the groupies…there were all those beautiful women just waiting to jump in bed with the winner of the next Brickhouse or Daytona, or race du jour.”

These are sexy stories for adults. They do contain scenes of people having sex, so if that could offend you then be forewarned. That’s not the focus of either story and it’s handled pretty tastefully but I know everyone has different tolerances so I wanted to let you know in case that’s not something you want to read.

Both of the stories in A Dixie Christmas were so funny that they had me laughing out loud. At the same time they were very touching, as all good holiday stories are meant to be. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Blue Christmas but it’s such a close race between the two that it’s hard to choose. I really enjoyed these romps and I think a lot of you will too!

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julie barrett December 16, 2011 at 9:55 am

both stories sound funny and i can imagine anyone reading them would laugh out loud at least a few times LOL

happy holidays and thanks for sharing.



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