Have You Tried Kindle Singles? You’ll Like These!

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These are Kindle Singles I found that I think will interest you Kindle owners. I had never tried a Kindle Single until lately but they’re an easy, inexpensive way to find new authors or just enjoy read interesting short stories.

If you’ve never tried one, here’s your chance because I’ve handpicked these for you. All are by well-published authors, many of whom have bestsellers under their belts.

No Time Left by David Baldacci. Published on May 2, 2011. Only $.99
Baldacci fans are going to be excited to see this original cloak-and-dagger short story.

Lost in Kandahar by Alex Berenson. Published on March 14, 2011. Only $1.99
Berenson, a spy novelist, writes about being embedded with the 101st Airborne Division in Afghanistan.

A Week in Summer: A Short Story by Maeve Binchy. Published on May 3, 2011. Only $.99
I’d read anything Maeve Binchy wrote because her storytelling abilities are unparalleled.

Chinese Dreams by Anand Giridharadas. Published on , 2011. Only $2.99
Anand writes about global culture for the New York Times. He traveled to several large cities in China to learn what the Chinese think of how China is evolving, and what the next generation of Chinese want. What emerges in this Kindle Single is a very interesting, eye-opening portrait of China from its own citizens’ perspective. If you like this piece, you may also be interested in his book, India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation’s Remaking.

Shaken, Not Stirred by Tim Gunn. Published on May 21, 2011. Only $1.99
I’m a huge Tim Gunn fan! If you are too, then a Tim Gunn book you’ll probably like is Gunn’s Golden Rules.

Animalish by Susan Orlean. Published on May 18, 2011. Only $1.99
Bestselling author Susan Orlean is probably known by most people for writing The Orchid Thief. Animalish begins when the UPS guy shows up at Susan’s door, telling her that her package is clucking.

Leaving Home: Short Pieces by Jodi Picoult. Published on January 12, 2011. Only $2.99
This Kindle Single contains 3 short pieces by this bestselling, beloved author.

The Misfit by Steven Poser. Published on April 22, 2011. Only $1.99
Poser is a practicing psychotherapist, who writes in this piece about Marilyn Monroe and her close relationship with her psychotherapist. It’s the story of the woman behind the mask and the man who let her get too close, and who never got over losing her.

Oxford Girl by Plum Sykes. Published on May 18, 2011. Only $1.99
Bestselling author Plum Sykes is known for writing the inside scoop about the socially elite. In this narrative, she returns to her college party years at Oxford.

Cautionary Tales by Stephen Tobolowsky. Published on February 25, 2011. Only $1.99
Actor Stephen Tobolowsky is a comedian at heart. Get ready for stories about sex, drugs and rock & roll, but with a little homegrown philosophy thrown in for good measure.

The Instigators by David Wolman. Published on May 2, 2011. Only $1.99
This personal profile is about the early 2011 Egyptian uprising from the insider’s point of view.

Don’t own a Kindle? If you’re considering getting one, now’s a great time because Amazon has two great new Kindle offers:
1) a Kindle WiFi with special offers for only $114; and
2) the newest deal (just announced 2 days ago) a Kindle 3g + WiFi with special offers for only $164.

Take a look at both of them here, as well as the other types of Kindles. I think the 3g with special offers is a really sweet deal – it’s about $100 less than I paid for my Kindle 2.

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Natalee May 29, 2011 at 11:31 am

Thank you for these!! My Kindle is still new and I am looking to fill it up for all my summer reads!! 🙂


Mk May 29, 2011 at 11:41 am

Congrats on getting a Kindle! There are a lot of really inexpensive books for Kindle too. We’re going to make that a regular feature on Popcorn Reads starting in about a week or so.


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