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SnatchedWe have a policy at that we follow without fail, until today. I guess there are exceptions to every rule. Our rule is that we don’t review any book we haven’t read, much less host a giveaway for such a book. And we basically only review fiction. Snatched by bestselling author Bruce Porter breaks both of those rules, all in one fell swoop.

I debated what to do about this book from the moment that I received it from the publisher. I honestly don’t recall the circumstances under which I received it; however, I knew something had gone awry. Even if it were fiction, it might not be the kind of fiction I normally read. That said, I know Bruce Porter’s reputation as a hard-hitting journalist and his talents as a bestselling author who exposes the truth about subjects we don’t normally like to discuss. That created a dilemma for me. I set Snatched aside while I tried to decide what to do.

What I decided to do is to host a giveaway for my advance readers copy and to provide a synopsis. I can’t do a full-fledged review because I have not read this book. It is just not my kind of book, so I didn’t even try to read it. I did, however, think that it might be a book that will appeal to some of you – hence the giveaway.

Our story begins in 1991 in Coral Gables, Florida, but you need a little background first.

Pilar grew up in Colombia as the pampered, beautiful daughter in an aristocratic family. She charmed everyone she met, and knew only too well how to use that charm to get what she wanted. She loved to live on the edge, possibly because she had never wanted for anything and/or possibly because she believed nothing bad could ever happen to her.

She was inevitably drawn to bad boys, and to increasingly more dangerous men as she grew older. Through those men, she found herself drawn further and further into the cocaine trade, and eventually into its highest levels.

It took hard work to get herself out of that life, and two failed marriages in the process. Eventually, however, she was able to lead a normal life with her two children. By the time she was forty, she was living in Boca Raton and was moving in increasingly powerful circles in South Florida – including political circles that included major players in the Democratic Party. While she was attending an elite fundraiser, her housekeeper phoned to tell her that two large men had showed up at her house and had frightened her. Pilar notified the police, who assured her that they would follow up on the suspects’ van license plate number. The whole thing left Pilar feeling very unsettled.

The DEA had found Pilar. What she didn’t know was that while she was going about her life, her second husband was making a deal with the DEA in return for a reduced prison sentence…a deal that was going to throw her right back into the lion’s den of cocaine cartels.

Soon the DEA was exerting extreme pressure to get her to infiltrate the infamous Cali, Columbia cartel. There she became the head of a massive undercover money laundering sting operation. It exposed cartel members in ways that had never been done before, and was probably the most successful drug sting operation at the time. So you’d think Pilar would be a DEA heroine, right?

Unfortunately, Pilar did such a good job at portraying a money laundering criminal that she became a target for kidnapping by a band of South American guerrillas. To add insult to injury, the U.S. government declined to pay the ransom money to get her back – dumping it all back into the hands of the DEA agents who’s been handling the undercover operation.

Can the DEA get her out before the guerrillas realize they’ve kidnapped an undercover federal agent instead of a cocaine-trade money launderer? What will happen if she’s discovered for who she really is? Pilar is caught between two very unstable and unreliable groups, neither of whom seem to care about her life one way or the other…not a good place to be (she said in a gross understatement).

So, why don’t I read books like Snatched when I read so many fiction thrillers? I read thrillers as an escape from the stress in the world around me – I look at them as puzzles to be solved. When the situations are real, it’s not so easy for me to detach and I find it actually adds to my stress levels instead of decreasing them. I do know, however, that not everyone reacts that way. I also know that Bruce Porter is renowned for his research and reporting. For those reasons, I’m offering to pay this book forward in a giveaway. I strongly suspect some of you will really enjoy reading about Pilar’s life and what happened to her.

Can’t wait to read it? Snatched is available in all formats from your favorite online bookseller. Click on the link below to get it to read immediately.

I’d love to get your comments on Snatched or Bruce Porter and/or his other work.

Our Giveaway:
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