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 What’s a Popcorn Read? It entertains you, triggering all of your emotions and often your funny bone. Above all, it’s a rollicking good time – however you define that. We hope you find great new reads among our favorites, so check back often to see what new books we’re reviewing! We’re eclectic readers, so you’ll find reviews of all kinds of fiction here. We also love to host book giveaways! NexusCongratulations to Ramez Naam on winning the 2014 Promethius Award for Nexus! Click here to read our review of this evolutionary sci-fi novel! (Please note: The giveaway for that novel has ended.)

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light at the end of the tunnel

Monday, July 21st, 2014: The decluttering and sorting out of mom’s house has at times seemed like a neverending story, and one you’re probably tired of hearing about. I’m happy to report that real progress has finally been made and I can see the light at the end of the clutter tunnel. Yay! *jumps for joy*

A Man Called Ove

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014: We’re reviewing A Man Called Ove, an international bestseller by Fredrik Backman. Ove is a curmudgeon with a deeply hidden marshmallow center, but is anyone willing to dig deep enough to find it?

Dear Daughter

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014: We’re reviewing and hosting a Giveaway for Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little. Janie Jenkins just got out of prison after ten years, on a technicality. Everyone says she murdered her mother, but did she? Even she isn’t sure…

 The Good Girl

Thursday, July 24th, 2014: We’re reviewing The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. Mia is a privileged, smart girl who becomes an inner city art teacher against her parents’ wishes. Then one night she leaves a local bar with a cute guy and disappears. Detective Gabe Hoffman will stop at nothing to find her, but what really happened to Mia?

Field Trip

Friday, July 25th, 2014:  If everything works as planned, I’m planning another day-long field trip to go visit mom in long-term care. Yay! If things don’t work out, I’ll be getting out my handy-dandy paint brush and/or cranking up the weed whacker because a bit of house fixing is on the agenda.

Saturday or Sunday, July 26th & 27th, 2014: We’ll update this page with reviews and giveaways for the upcoming week, and post a new giveaway winner.

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War of the Roses StormbirdWar of the Roses: Stormbird by bestselling author Conn Iggulden. This is Book #1 in a new medieval historical series that brings to life all the intrigue and the ruthlessness of 15th century court life. When Henry IV takes the throne and wants nothing more than peace, how will England make a truce with France and at what price to its people and its future? Click on the book title to go to the Giveaway Page!

Archetype Archetype is by M.D. Waters. This is an exception for us because we’re reviewing Book #1 in a 2-book series just before the sequel’s release. It’s the future and women who can bear children are rare jewels, but Emma doesn’t know that. In fact, when she awakens, she has no clue who she is or anything about her history. Although she feels drawn to and would like to trust the man who says he’s her husband, she keeps dreaming about a different life. Which is real?Click on the book title to go to the Giveaway Page!

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Congratulations to Anne Berger on winning our Giveaway for The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing!

Congratulations to Francine Anchondo on winning our Giveaway for The Divorce Papers!

Congratulations to Susan D. Schleicher on winning our Giveaway for The Weight of Blood!

Congratulations to Theresa Sivelle on winning our Giveaway for The Rich And The Dead!

Congratulations to Liz Lew on winning our Giveaway for The Midnight Witch!

Congratulations to Bonnie Franks on winning our Giveaway for The Collector of Dying Breaths!

Congratulations to Anita Yancey on winning our Giveaway for Odds Against Tomorrow!

Congratulations to Brooke Bumgardner on winning our Giveaway for The Hidden Child!

Congratulations to Linda Unruh on winning our Giveaway for The Rise And Fall Of Great Powers!

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