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bowl of popcornAt PopcornReads.com, we’re life-long bookaholics who’ve always been passionate about the joys of reading. This publication is about sharing books, e-readers and other book related products we love with you. Hopefully you’ll love them as much as we do!

What’s a Popcorn Read? It entertains you, triggering all of your emotions and often your funny bone. Above all, it’s a rollicking good time – however you define that. We hope you find great new reads among our favorites, so check back often to see what new books we’re reviewing! We’re eclectic readers, so you’ll find reviews of all kinds of fiction here. We also love to host book giveaways!


April Fools Day Is Coming

  Time to Plot Out Your Favorite Pranks

(No pranks on this site; however. “Dammit it – foiled again,” said the evil prankster.)


Painting like a baby

Monday, March 30th, 2015: I’ll be continuing my painting marathon and try to get at least as much paint on the house as I get on myself…

Fool for Books Giveaway Hop

Sisters of Shiloh

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015: We’re participating in the Fool for Books Giveaway Hop! We’re starting our giveaway one day early. We’re reviewing and hosting a Giveaway for Sisters of Shiloh by bestselling author Kathy Hepinstall and her sister, Becky Hepinstall Hilliker. This novel seems appropriate for this hop because the two sisters in it managed to fool the entire Confederate Army! Click here to read our review of Blue Asylum by Kathy Hepinstall.

Throne of Darkeness

Wednesday, April Fools Day, 2015: We’re reviewing Throne of Darkness by Douglas Nicholas. It’s the 13th century. Maeve and her traveling band of unlikely warriors must somehow keep King John’s imported magic from destroying England. Click here to read our review of Something Red, Book #1 in this dark historical fantasy series.

At the Water's Edge

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015: We’re reviewing At the Water’s Edge by bestselling author Sara Gruen. In 1944, Maddie, her husband, and his best friend make the ill-advised decision to travel from New York to Scotland in search of the Loch Ness monster – right in the middle of World War II. Click here to read our review of Water for Elephants.

More Painting

Friday, April 3rd, 2015: Yes, I’ll be doing even more painting on the house on Good Friday – outside if weather permits and inside if it doesn’t. And, yes, I do tend to get as much on me as I get on the house. Maybe I’m actually just a five-year-old in disguise as a grownup…

Easter Bunny & Chick

Saturday and/or Sunday, April 4th and April 5th, 2015: May the Easter Bunny & Chickie be extra good to you this year – Chocolate! Yay! Even though it’s Easter weekend, we’ll update this page for the next week’s reviews and giveaways, and post any new giveaway winners.


Be sure to check below to see which continuing giveaways you want to enter before it’s too late!


Barnes & Noble

Giveaways Continuing This Week:

Shadows Over ParadiseShadows Over Paradise is by bestselling author Isabel Wolff. A ghostwriter must confront her own past when she contracts to write the memoir of a woman whose family was interned in a World War II Japanese prisoner of war camp. Click on the book title to go to the giveaway page.





The Patriot ThreatThe Patriot Threat is by bestselling author Steve Berry. Is there a problem with the 16th Amendment? This political conspiracy thriller mixes historical fact with fiction to pose a timely but dangerous question: Could federal income tax collection be illegal? Click on the book title to go to the giveaway page.




      Giveaway Winners


Congratulations to Donna Teller on winning our Giveaway for The Nightingale!

Congratulations to Melissa B. on winning our Giveaway for Dragons at Crumbling Castle!

Congratulations to Truman Hung on winning our Giveaway for The Buried Life!

Congratulations to Kara Shamy and Sandra Williams on winning our Giveaway for Dreaming Spies!

Congratulations to Staci Mefford on winning our Giveaway for The Alphabet House!

Congratulations to Chris Thomson on winning our Giveaway for The Magician’s Daughter!

Congratulations to Michelle Klingen on winning our Giveaway for Unbecoming!

Congratulations to Anja Sharamitaro on winning our Giveaway for The Marauders!

Congratulations to Julie Sanchez on winning our Giveaway for The Jaguar’s Children!

Congratulations to Bonnie Franks on winning our Giveaway for Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League!

Congratulations to Tina Myers on winning our Giveaway for The Same Sky!

Congratulations to Susan Schleicher on winning our Giveaway for A Fifty-Year Silence!

Congratulations to Steve Steckel on winning our Giveaway for Sins of Our Fathers!

Congratulations to Michelle Klingen on winning our Giveaway for A Pleasure And A Calling!

Congratulations to Beverly Sizemore on winning our Giveaway for All the Bright Places!

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